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Given its specific nature, purpose, powers and activity, the Economic and Social Council of the Canary Islands does not engage in certain public activities that are subject to the duty of public disclosure under Law 12/2014 of 26 December, on transparency and access to information. public information of the Canary Islands (articles 17 to 33).

As the Council does not have its own powers over certain information categories, it does not publish information related to such matters. The CES does not have powers over Statistics (statistical information of interest to the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands or necessary to assess the quality of its public services). Accordingly, it does not publish or provide public information on this matter.

However, in the exercise of its duties, the Council produces and manages data that can be converted into statistics in its area of action, to be used for measuring and evaluating its activity, the quality of its services and the fulfilment of its objectives. In this section, the CES publishes such data from its own production.

Institutional activity statistics:

Information available soon

Economic-administrative activity statistics:

Information available soon

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